Bunny Money 5

Bunny Money 5

A simulation game set of slot or pokie machine games with a Bunny theme
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The Bunny Money slot or pokie game challenges you just as much as a traditional slot or pokie machine game. The game is very easy to install and when launched, the program will adjust your graphics to suit viewing the game. The interface displays a bright, 5 reel slot machine for you with 13 symbols available designed around an Easter Bunny theme. At the top of the screen your bets, wins and credits are displayed, and at the bottom the buttons for displaying your Paytable, Bank, Gamble and Roulette, need simply be clicked to operate. Any of the 13 symbols will pay on each active pay line and to win lots more virtual dollars and free games, three or more scattered Bunny Money symbols need to be displayed first to trigger the Bunny Cash feature for you.
The Bunny Money symbol will pay in any position, on any line, as this is a scatter symbol and when the Bunny Cash feature is displayed, you will hear loud music, and the reels will be spun automatically, awarding you spins according to how many spins tokens are displayed in the reels. For example, for 5 x 100 spins tokens, you will be rewarded with 100 free spins, for 4 x 50 spins tokens you will win 50 spins, for 3 x 20 spins tokens you will be awarded 20 spins, and for 2 x 10 spins tokens your reward is 10 spins. These are awarded in descending order so if you fail to get 5; the game automatically looks for 4 next, and so on. Additionally, all of your featured wins are multiplied by the number of "PAYS+1" Dollar Coin wildcard symbols appearing in the window. Even more free spins are awarded to you if 3 or more Money Symbols appear during the Bunny Cash feature and it is retriggered. If this happens, all symbols are removed from all of the reels and instead you will see displayed 20 Spins, 50 Spins, 100 Spins, an 200 Spins symbols. These are spun and you will be awarded free spins according to the results. I noticed that the full game presents unlimited wins, plays and features, and the Bunny Money 5 18.0 version includes a 6 reel version of the game.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Unlimited wins and plays in full version


  • Limited levels in evaluation copy
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